The All New BlackBerry Mercury May Supports A Google Pixel’s Camera

blackberry mercury

Blackberry Mercury

BlackBerry is aiming for its all new launch called “Mercury” in the smartphone industry with its Qwerty Keyboard + Touchscreen Format.

According to the rumors,BlackBerry Mercury may packed up with the same camera as we seen in the google official launched phone called Pixel / Pixel XL.That means, it may support 12MP Sony IMX378 rear camera module and an 8MP Samsung S5K4H8/Omnivision OV8856 front-facing module.But including the same camera does not mean, it is as good as Pixel /Pixel XL or it may carry the same camera features as in the Pixel duo.

As the rumors suggest it may also runs on an android 7.0 Nougat with 3GB of RAM (which is bit outdated nowadays) and 32GB of storage capacity.

Another What’s App Update Which Makes Your Messages More Secured

WhatsApp has rolled out another feature to keep your messages safe and secure.

whats app update

It’s called two-step authentication and it’s available to anyone using WhatsApp , whether  its on iOS or Android.

The optional feature requires users to create a six digit passcode that will then be required every time you register a phone with your WhatsApp account. You’ll also be asked to input it every seven days to keep your account running.

An email address is required as well so if you forget your passcode, you’ll be able to use a link sent to your email inbox to turn it off.

“We do not verify this email address to confirm its accuracy. We highly recommend you provide an accurate email address so that you’re not locked out of your account if you forget your passcode,” explained WhatsApp.

Having to put in yet another passcode every so often is surely going to be an inconvenience to some users. But the trade-off is much greater security.

Just be careful of possible phishing attacks:

“If you receive an email to disable two-step verification, but did not request this, do not click on the link. Someone could be attempting to verify your phone number on WhatsApp,” the company said .


How to turn on two-step authentication on WhatsApp:-

If you want to go ahead and turn on the new feature, here’s how to do it.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  • Then click on Account and find the option for Two-step verification.
  • Click “Enable” and you’ll be able to set up the feature.
  • It works on both iPhone and Android handsets.